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Bruce Lee’s Traffic Secrets

Traffic secrets from a kung-fu master. “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee Applying this to online marketing is simple… but it isn’t easy. In reality there are only really three “core” principles to internet marketing… Traffic Conversion Monetize So, how do ...

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HUGE List Of Paid Ad Networks

I hate when I talk to clients and they tell me… ” I don’t know how to get traffic”  or, “its’ hard to get traffic”. Look, there isn’t a lack of traffic out there.  SO there is no excuse to have a traffic problem. What you probably have is a conversion problem. This is not a direct endorsement of any of the networks ...

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Cars Passing by The Lemonade Girl

First of all I just want to say that this story can be the most powerful device in turning your mind into an advertising power system. The $700-$1900 copy writing courses don’t cover anything this powerful so listen up… Today, I was driving around running errands and taking in the beautiful Florida summer. Alot of kids setup the classic lemonade ...

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How To Gain INSTANT Visibility On Linkedin

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Linkedin  Holding Monster

LinkedIn For Business

When it comes to building your presence online there are plenty of reasons why you should create a profile for your business on LinkedIn. First of all, LinkedIn is a business-focused social networking site. Majority of its members are online entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, and all sorts of business-oriented individuals. This fact alone makes the social site a must-have for ...

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    15 Proven Methods To Boost Your Sales

    If your sales are a little on the slow side, you need to polish your promotional skills and fire up the ol’ marketing machine. This is 15 tried, tested and proven techniques to kick your sales into high gear! 1. Use a PS and PSS after your signature. In the PS, summarize the key benefit. In the PSS restate the ...

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